Monday, March 7, 2011

Van Halen

I've got to start over again. After a weekend of indulgence (I didn't do THAT bad), it's time to regain focus and get back to business. I'm having a difficult time with my guilt about eating and drinking over the weekend. I ate things that I wouldn't normally eat and drinking definitely doesn't help with my goal of losing weight. It wasn't all bad though...I made some really good choices as well, but I'm stuck on trying to fix the things that I can't change. I ate bad, drank too much, and didn't exercise. The excuse that I was out of town just isn't good enough for me, but if someone else came to me with this story I wouldn't let them be so negative about it!!! I need to start being a little nicer to myself.
So, what would I tell someone else? "No big deal, it's a small setback, but let's get started again. Read what you've been writing about to help remind you that it's not that difficult once you get going and you always feel better both physically and mentally when you're done."
My quote of the day is "A pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity, while an optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty." To be honest, I'm feeling pessimistic today. I'm not seeing any opportunity, but I can see the difficulty in everything very clear right now. I just want to take a big ol' nap! But NOOOOO, I'm going to keep on going. Time to role model. Time to be present.

Today's Focus: Be present! Make the choice to be right here, right now.


  1. Thanks for posting this Britt! Acknowledging that there are going to be obstacles/set-backs on any self-growth journey seems easy...but actually accepting those obstacles seems to be the difficult part! Personally, I seem to give my own obstacles more energy than they deserve by focusing on them and trying to get through them, rather than accepting that they are part of the package and working with them and learning from them. I think set-backs are exactly that - a backwards movement if we fuel them with thoughts and desires to not have them. But, it seems that if we accept them and are aware of them we can keep moving forward.
    As for learning to be nicer to ourselves...well, I think that's one of the most important aspects of moving forward - but I myself am far from embracing self-compassion on a regular basis! :)
    So easy to type, yet so difficult to do, eh?!
    Anyways, thanks for the post(s)!
    Sidenote: Every time I hear Van Halen's Right Here, Right Now - I think of you!!

  2. Ha! I was just thinking about this same topic yesterday. I had a lazy day yesterday and caught myself getting mad at myself for it. That's ridiculous though. It finally occurred to me that it's just my overactive mind that wont let go and just relax sometimes.

    Our bodies know when we need to indulge and let go. It's just our ego-driven minds that punish us for making that choice. The body is right. I say relax and indulge from time to time, then get back to work (maybe a little harder because of the indulgence, but so be it).