Tuesday, March 1, 2011

All it takes is one

I figured something out today. Daft Punk and Prodigy are great motivators. There is nothing like walking, no wait, strutting on the treadmill while visualizing yourself in the middle of a rave. But, it wasn't all easy.

My procrastination kicked in as soon as I parked my car at the gym. I found myself checking my phone, cleaning out my purse, rearranging things in my car. As if it makes a difference whether my flip-flops are behind the driver seat or passenger seat. I finally kicked myself in the ass and got out of the car, and as soon as I got inside I started chatting it up with my friends behind the desk. Holy Crap...I'm really good at procrastinating. But, as soon as I changed I was ready to get stuff done. It was getting started that was the hardest part.

Once I was on the treadie, all was good. I had PTI on the TV, Daft Punk on the iPod, and I was in my routine. Time flew by and next it was time for my strength training. Slow, methodical, mechanically correct, strength training, but I was on a roll. By this point, I was feeling great. I was back in action. I took my headphones out while lifting weights so I could increase my focus and it felt good...real good.

Tomorrow's Plan: Do it again!

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