Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday is a Motivator

Monday: A day to set goals.
My exercise goals for the week: Cardio x 4 days. Strength Training x 2 - 3 days.
My food goals are: No fast food. Alcohol on Friday only. Lots of vegetables, the green ones!
My personal goals are: Be nice to myself. Ask for help. Stay present. Meditate. Research consulting opportunities.

I have set appropriate goals for the week. I think I could be more specific about some of them, but I'm not trying to set myself up. I will start with these and evaluate throughout the week. I need to have daily check-ins with myself so I do not get discouraged and fall behind. I will need to take time tonight and make some food to take with me to work. I will need to go to bed on time so I get up on time. I need to get up on time so I can eat breakfast at home instead of  at work.

How am I going to evaluate my personal goals? I will keep track of how many times I have negative thoughts about myself and my actions. I will be aware of my it helpful, is it positive, is it critical, what are my self-talk patterns? If I don't get out of bed on time, how will I treat myself...will I trash the rest of my goals because of that one unmet goal? Evaluating whether or not I'm asking for help is a little more difficult to track. I need to be honest with myself and the emotions I'm having. My pattern is to take care of everything myself and tell everyone "I'm fine". I don't want to burden anyone with my feelings or problems, so I say "I'm fine". Today, I am doing well and that's honest. But, it's early and things can change. If and when they do, I will try my best to acknowledge my feelings and get support.

Clear, positive and attainable goals. Check.

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