Thursday, March 10, 2011


I woke up very motivated today. I am on task as far as work, food, and exercise. The things that I was worried about yesterday have come and gone and I am feeling much more positive again. I've been thinking lately that I need to take a more active role in making positive changes in my life. I have been working hard to take care of myself physically and mentally, but there are some things that I feel I have not challenged myself enough at. I'm talking about my personal potential as a sport psychology consultant. I believe that I have a lot of potential, but I am fearful that I will give my all and I will not be rewarded. And I mean financially and emotionally rewarded. I have these thoughts quite a bit and it's difficult finding a balance between being satisfied and embracing where I am in my career and striving for something more. I do not want to feel as if I settled, as if there was more for me to give. Right now, I feel I have more. But, what if I am wrong? What if nobody sees my potential or gives me a chance? This fear keeps me from moving forward. REJECTION. What an ugly word. Fear of rejection. So, what are the steps I need to take in challenging myself and my fears. I need to put myself out there. I want to delete this entry. Do I take little steps and face the possibility of selling myself short? A giant step would be a set up. I need to find somewhere in between that will challenge me but I would still feel confident in my work. Let the challenge begin.

Today's Focus: Be nice to myself.


  1. Thanks for posting this Buns! I really appreciate that you took the chance in telling the "virtual" world about your fear of rejection. I think most of have this fear in some way, shape, or form and live within the boundaries this fear creates. So, thanks for putting yourself out there. It's amazing how paralyzing fear can be - and how we'd rather not take those first steps because we may fall on our face - or be rejected and potentially fall into "I'm not good enough" thoughts. I do think the little steps are more important than the bigger steps though, since we have the opportunity to take small steps all the time or make choices on an ongoing basis. I think these choices/steps make the bigger steps more attainable. Anyways - thanks again for the post. Question for you, do you have a specific group (athletes, business people) that you want to consult with or are you open to working with anyone?
    **And for the record - you're a damn good consultant!

  2. Britt.
    I am open to working with anyone if they are willing to make the commitment to do the work. I spend a lot of my time supporting people who are not committed to themselves and it's exhausting. I want to challenge myself in my consulting skills, but I need people who want to be challenged in that way as well.